Changing Seedling Bags - 2020 CSR Activity

NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  jointly organized CSR activity “Changing Seedling Bags” for 2020 year at Khao Yai.


This activity will bring about benefit to the nature in term of encouraging growing of plants and environment. 

Seedling or young plants today will grow to be big trees in a few years.


After replaced a new bag, related parties will continue to take care all seedling about 6 months until the rainy season of next year. 

These young plants will grow up and ready to be planted in the future. 

The approximately tall is 40 – 50 cms.


At the beginning of August, enters rainy season, responsible persons will be started to share and will be distributed these trees to various organizations or project, 

such as the community forest planting project, the village tree planning project and they are also welcome whoever has a lot of land and looking for the trees to planting. 

Responsible persons will share these trees during the rainy season or one month before the rainy season, so that the trees could prepare and adjust with new location.


Thankfully to management team and all staff for cooperation.

NRS Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.